venerdì, luglio 18, 2014

View Depth Override External Command - Bugs Fixed

You can downlaod a zip file containing the .DLL and the .Addin manifest for the external command.
I've to thank a reader for pointing out some issues with the planting category (because previous version didn't take into account categories with no material quantities just like planting).
Also there was another issue with 2D views because the override was performed on a polar distance like in 3D views, now it's been fixed using the distance between the center of the bounding box of an object and the plane of the view.
I discovered that CGS has copied my first idea, and that was basically the goal of me starting to publish the code: to make companies develop better add-ins, but unfortunately this is not the case.
Now you can choose to pay a subscription to them for this tool (along with many others of course), which by the way doesn't work on perspective views while mine does, so why don't use just mine instead of waisting money? please if you're happy with my code show me some gratitude Paying What You Want via PayPal to:

*UPDATE 2015
The command for Revit 2015 works just fine, there's still need for the .addin to reside in the correct folder and the paths inside the file to be eventually updated.
Anyway the addin file should be copied in here:


here's the addin file with paths updated for 2015 version.

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  1. Thanks for a fantastic tool. I've found a bug where the element color override sets to Black when run on a view after a View Template has been applied; even if the template is later set to None.

    1. Hi, thank you for pointing this out, I'll investigate as soon as I can.