sabato, novembre 29, 2014

Insert Excel worksheets as Revit Schedules

I'm ve been away for a while, I've some news too.
Since October the 1st 2014 I'm part of the Autodesk Consulting AEC EMEA team, and I'm really happy! I'm sorrounded by very talented people and I'm learning everyday something new. Unfortunately I wasn't able to blog for a long time.

But anyway I'm here now and I want to share with you what I couldn.t over a year ago. During the first session in the very first RTC Europe in Delft, David Conant showed us a very interesting application of the new feature in Revit 2014, the highly customizable schedules!
Back at the time I had little knowledge of coding since I had just started the course by Harry Mattison of Boost Your BIM on Udemy, which by the way you should totally check out if you haven't yet.

I had time these days to test my understanding of how Revit API can work for me and made a little experiment to mimic what I saw at RTC, it's still a work in progress but I think it's been one of the highlights of that a RTC and shows pretty well what can be ddone if you just think out of the box, so my big thank you goes to David and Harry.

Here it is.