giovedì, settembre 29, 2016

Section View in Revit API / Dynamo

It happend before, I made it to Jeremy Tammik's blog The Building Coder helping a colleague with a Revit API question about sections creation/orientation.

The whole story though started from Dynamo!

I needed to automate the creation of Section Views and what I came up with was to decompose and recreate a CoordinateSystem object to have the section on the right side of the Bounding Box.

Translating what I did in Dynamo nodes into Revit API led me to the solution reported in the blog link.

Knowledge is powerful and you never know where and when a help might come from, I have to say that getting to know and teaching Dynamo to others made a whole lot better "programmer" (I prefer logical thinker) and I'm saying this even if I started my Dynamo journey with an open mind but with no real expectations.
Well, the more you know, the better.

giovedì, settembre 08, 2016

Arc By Three Points returns wrong parameters

I was dealing with Sandbox and found a weird behavior with the angle parameters of an Arc By Three Points in Dynamo.
The Constructor is working fine but the angles are somehow wrong, I tried to use them to create a new arc by center point radius angle and the result did not overlap with the original arc.
I used some extra nodes to retrieve the correct angles using some auxiliary geometry (second image) but it works only in the XY plane.
It should be an easy fix for the Dynamo Team.