sabato, marzo 19, 2016

The dream

A while back when I was working for and architectural firm based in Milan Italy I was actively contributing to this blog at a crazy rate, even two posts a day sometimes, and I was answering questions around Revit and BIM in forums, sharing what I know as much as possible.

Knowledge is power, and the simple act of sharing knowledge can make a big difference.

One of my dreams was to be able to start a group of professionals to share ideas, around BIM in Italy and how this is going to change how we see the world and how the world looks on us, as a Country, to aknowledge the value in what we do, because we are passionate about it, because we take proud from being intellectually challenged, pursuing a never ending improvement.

What I felt was missing those days had become a necessity now, and thank to the efforts of Chiara Rizzarda, Claudio Vittori Antisari and Luigi Santapaga, it finally happend.

On March the 15th I was invited to the very first meeting of professionals around BIM in Milan, I saw old and new friends coming from all over Italy there, in a very warm and welcoming atmosphere, each and every one with a different story behind but eager to contribute and grow, together.

We talked about expectations and opportunities, we drew sketches and took notes, I can only speak for myself but I felt really good, I felt free to express my ideas and I was thrilled by the interaction in the room that night.

I was honered to be there, I sincerely hope that these meetings will grow in number of partecipants not only professionals but also owners, managers, contractors, all the people that will have to face the change of approach to their businesses and start a new path on the right foot, being supported by those who get their hands dirty with BIM every day.

Early adopters, with concrete solutions to concrete problems, getting together to work better, and the best part is that is not a dream anymore.