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Dynamo - Rooms Solids - Color Scheme for any parameter

This is a further development of previous Dynamo definition, now it can apply the color scheme for any parameter, there's a little bit of coding in there because I couldn't figure out why a cross product lacing over a List.FilterByBoolMask returned a null list for the In and Out output ports.
Anyway I did it myself using a very simple script in Python.
I'm trying to avoid them as much as I can, really, but when I'm tight on the dead line and I need  the get the job done, coding is always my best option, even if I don't feel particularly comfortable with Python, but I guess it's how my brain works, I know for a fact that amazing things are achievable just using the OutOfTheBox set of nodes, so I hope to have enough time to obtain the same thing using a "pure nodes" approach instead.

I guess that the beauty of Dynamo is that everybody can play with it and  make his own tools, no doubt about that.

Here's the code I've used to collect rooms in the project:

Here's the code I've used to retrieve indexes evaluating the elements of ListA against the elements of a ListB, the output is a list of integers, as long as ListA.
In this example ListA contains Department values for each room in the project (11 rooms gives 11 items) while ListB contains the same values but derived from the Color Scheme file (5 department entries gives 5 items).

The outcome of this python script is used to determine which color has to be used to override each one of  the solids derived from rooms.

Solid extraction and ListA:

Color override and ListB:

Here's a .Zip file containing the .Dyn, .Rvt and .Csv used in this example.
In action:

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