giovedì, settembre 29, 2016

Section View in Revit API / Dynamo

It happend before, I made it to Jeremy Tammik's blog The Building Coder helping a colleague with a Revit API question about sections creation/orientation.

The whole story though started from Dynamo!

I needed to automate the creation of Section Views and what I came up with was to decompose and recreate a CoordinateSystem object to have the section on the right side of the Bounding Box.

Translating what I did in Dynamo nodes into Revit API led me to the solution reported in the blog link.

Knowledge is powerful and you never know where and when a help might come from, I have to say that getting to know and teaching Dynamo to others made a whole lot better "programmer" (I prefer logical thinker) and I'm saying this even if I started my Dynamo journey with an open mind but with no real expectations.
Well, the more you know, the better.

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