lunedì, agosto 31, 2015

Dynamo 0.8.2 is out!

Good news!

the latest stable release of Dynamo is out and ready for everyone to test, you can find it here in the DynamoBim official page.

Among other really awesome things that you can find in the release notes, one in particular caught my attention: the "Node to Code", which helps you to learn DesignScript converting (where it is possible) the graph into a very well organized CodeBlock.

This is a fantastic feature that adds clarity to a graph and opens the path for a Dynamo code compiler, that's one of the things I've been dreaming on for a robust firm-wide Dynamo implementation.

Plus from what I could see the development did a really good job in resolving clashing issues in geometry representation in the Dynamo environment.

Happy Dynamo!

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