martedì, giugno 24, 2014

Auto Wall Schedule - Views on Sheet

At this point I'm able to place the views created with the macro on a sheet accordingly to the type mark of each sample.
There is yet a lot to do to handle all the exceptions though. I'm concerned about the customization needed for each project when the title block has to change.
The material schedule on the right pane can be placed automatically and the family type of the main wall tag can be picked using the function parameter of the wall but still, it needs to be checked by the user.
As you can see from the video some material tag is filled with the correct value but the majority of them don't, I couldn't figure out why this is happening.

Any suggestion is really appreciated.

The floor macro is ready too as it has a very similar behavior to the wall one.

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  1. Complimenti per il lavoro che stai facendo!!! encomiabile!!! lo sviluppo di alcune "mancanze" del sw, direi che è fondamentale per velocizzare le operazioni di routine!!! Grazie infinite!! questa dei muri poi.... SPETTACOLO!!