lunedì, giugno 30, 2014

Hatch To Room Macro Update

Here's a little improvement to this macro I've been asked recently by a reader of the blog that allows you to get rid of the overlapping lines, at the moment it works only with straight lines though.
Actually the whole idea came to me still while I was developing a macro to optimize floor sketches, something close to what the overkill command does in AutoCAD for those of you that are familiar with this functionality.
What I've been able to accomplish is to check if a pair of curves derived from the hatch boundaries in the CAD file are collinear, overlapping (partially or completely one on top of the other) or joined by one end. If so, the macro creates a new curve (actually a straight line) that can be used in Revit instead, without any warnings showing up.
To achieve that I've used a method that checks for intersections between curves. Unfortunatly it works fine for straight lines but not so well for arcs, I'm still on this particular issue since this method gives you an intersection between arcs that shares the same center point and radius even if they don't actually meet.

You can find the code here and if you're happy with it you can show me some gratitude Paying What You Want on Paypal at:

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