martedì, agosto 26, 2014

Dynamo - 4 Points adaptive component along two lines update for version 0.7.1

When I tried to update the previous definition to the 0.7.1 release something went wrong and Dynamo was stuck.
I took the opportunity to rethink the definition and I found a slightly different approach to the problem: this time I keep the curves as distinct elements almost to the end, this way it's easier to check the orientation of the curves and get rid of the special node for opposite direction of the curves.
After selecting the model lines in the Revit environment Dynamo automatically places the Adaptive component accordingly to the maximum width specified for the subdivision.
If the orientations of the lines are opposite, Dynamo reverses one of the two and perform the definition anyway.

There's always need to delete the panels manually once created like in previous version, it would be nice to have a "dispose" node for this particular goal.
Here's the custom node definition and here's the test definition I've used.

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