sabato, agosto 23, 2014

Images from the past, hopes for the future

I was looking for some images for a presentation and I came across these pictures of some works I've done at the University prior than 2008, way long before adaptive components came along.
It was definitely fun! but really soon I realized that what I was doing was much, much more than just a 3D model, I saw the potential and what eventually the AEC industry was going to be in the closest future.
That's when I moved my focus from modeling and representation to BIM. Unfortunately most of the people that I know from the University still haven't even approached to BIM and they're just starting now to consider to move, for instance, to Revit because they're blinded by the 3D model and the rendering.

Using Revit to just make a 3d model is like having a Ferrari and use it in the backyard.

So please double check your willingness to learn something new (a BIM approach to design and not just how to use an instrument like Revit), both for productivity on a specific project and in the long run, keep in mind that it can be really painful if you're doing it while you're already working full time but it hasn't necessarely to be a blood bath if you ask for help to competent people.
Break problems into smaller ones, read forums and blogs to find answers to your questions, don't take "no" for an answer and never give up.

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