giovedì, settembre 25, 2014

Export Sheets in shared coordinates

When working with consultants or clients it's fairly common to ship PDFs and DWGs of the sheet sets along with the Revit model, however DWGs are the weakest part of the overall process.
Revit is not able, natively, to export DWG in shared coordiantes from a sheet view, but from a regular model view it does although it will never be a native DWG file. So I wrote a macro (see a previous post) that collects the views on a sheet and exports them in a separate folder to have them organized and in shared coordinates.
What was missing was the ability to include the title block, which was ok for consultants but not for the client.
So here's a video that shows how this issue can be solved using both Revit and AutoCAD.
DWGs are still X-Refs and they are not clipped like in the previous version, each view is then rotated accordingly to the Revit file. Each viewport only shows the layers of the corresponding x-ref. For further enhancements the views could be locked automatically, there could be a batch file that will open AutoCAD and do the job for each sheet file, etc... I'm still working on and testing it. I hope to find a way to run the whole thing from Revit with the press of a button. Suggestions and critiques are appreciated as long as they are constructive.

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