mercoledì, settembre 17, 2014

Super Tag - Dynamic Model Update

I've been wrapping my head around dynamic model update in order to push my code further to be more "Revit-ish", so it updates instantly and has no longer a "fire and forget" sort of behaviour.
I've implemented an IUpdater interface that loops through the family instances, reads their parameters in a certain order and then pushes them into the comments of the room.
It's not perfectly Revit since it's not bi-directional at the moment, anyway it gets the job done nicely.

Technically the oddest part in developing this idea was to realize that an IUpdater doesn't need a transaction to work.

Applications are endless, this one I called "Super Tag", it would give the ability to the users to push calculated values into tags (finally!), embedding a piece of code in the template file assuring that everyone on the team has the same tools available.

There are considerations to make on performances, but it sure is a great thing we have to suit our design.

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