lunedì, luglio 14, 2014

Auto Assembly Macro - WIP

In this video I'm showing the results of a macro I'm working on these days that allows to create an assembly for each door and window type present in the project.
It's still a work in progress though, but what it does is pretty clear:

  1. create a generic wall sample to host a family instance of the door / window type
  2. create the family instance
  3. create an assembly with the family instance, its nested shared families and the hosting wall, whose category is after the family category and the name is a combination of the family name and the family type
  4. increase the mark type and assign it to the family type
  5. change the phase of creation and demolition of the assembly to be respectively the first and the second in the sequence
  6. create three assembly views (plan, elevation and section)
  7. create two major dimensions in the elevation view (I'm thinking of an early stage door/window schedule for this development)
There are still issues with curtain wall components though, need to fix that.
Using this method it's possible to create a source file that contains all the families and manage them with type marks, materials, and so on very effectively. Then the necessary editing can be extended to other project files really easily with the concept exposed in the previous post. Getting closer.

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