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Export Shared Coordinates DWGs from Sheets

When you're working with consultants on geo-referenced CAD files what you need to do is to export from your Revit model a CAD in shared coordinates from the views themselves, because, if you do so from the sheets instead, the resulting DWG will be based on project internal coordinates.

What if you have to do that for hundreds, thousands of views? You could run a macro like this one that exports all the views in the sheets as a separate DWG into different folders named after the sheets. Each DWG file name will  have the following syntax:

Sheet number-Viewport detail number.dwg

Then you can zip the folders and send them as background drawings to your consultants. You can customize all the export settings just like from the UI.
It is possible to narrow down the number of sheets to process filtering them by a parameter value of your convenience for example.
These files are not supposed to replace the usual DWGs with the titleblock though.
This could save you some time using Revit.

In order to run the macro, an extra using statement is required:
using System.IO;

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