giovedì, luglio 10, 2014

Little Revit to Blender tutorial

After last post I was asked by Julien Benoit to do a tutorial, so here we go, it's not a complete guide but it's a quick overall look of the process, from the installation of the plug-in to the set up of a couple of materials in Blender node editor, hope you like it.

Here you can find the Blender files.

4 commenti:

  1. Great that you're finding Revit OBJ Exporter useful. I hope it's ok but I've posted a link to your tutorial on the Inglegreen page ...

  2. Hi Clive, I'm more than OK with that and thanks for your great plug in!



  3. Just discovered that if you use a Section Box in the Revit 3D view, the OBJ Exporter will only export the contents of the Section Box ...