venerdì, luglio 25, 2014

Family Management Utils - WIP

This tool I've developed works on door and window families between different files letting the user edit them inside a single control file and pushing the edited families back to the other files. I've collected a few lines of code and put it all together with a very simple interface.
This is the workflow I've imagined:

  1. Link the different projects into a single control file (CF)
  2. Acquire the families from the linked files cliking on Copy Types
  3. Delete duplicate types if necessary
  4. Create assemblies with 3 main views and dimensions for each type, assigning a unique Type Mark automatically, each assembly is named with this syntax: (TypeMark)_Family_Type
  5. Edit the components as necessary, fill in the data where needed and then update the linked files with the new version
  6. You can finally create assemblies in each linked file for documentation purposes, each assembly is created in the first phase and demolished right in the next phase of the phase sequence, so to not interact with the actual project.
During the process the linked files have to be unloaded, keep in mind that also the family type names shouldn't change before the update, otherwise the tool won't be able to perfomr the update as expected.
For the sake of this example I'm using two linked files, a simple one and a workshared one.
In both cases there are the same door and window families and I'm showing the steps of the workflow, when the linked files are loaded the type mark for the family type in common between the CF and the links can't be changed, this is true for any other parameter such as width, height or material finish.
Once in the linked file a purge unused is recomended.

I still haven't figure out how to dismiss automatically the dialog when reloading families and override the parameters. Any suggestion is appreciated.

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