lunedì, luglio 07, 2014

Category "Other": any ideas?

Sometimes when you deal with worksets you can find some unexplicable objects popultating Workset1 (one of the default worksets created by Revit when the work sharing has been activated).
I wrote a little macro to retrieve in one line all the IDs of the objects grouped by Workset, divided by Instances and Type definitions.

Here's an excerpt of the txt file that you will find on the desktop (I've used notepad++ to show how the rows are built).

Element ID's are placed in one row separated by a semicolon for your convenience when selecting by ID's back in Revit.

Anyway, I can't figure out what this "Other" category stands for, any ideas? There are no good views to show those elements in the working canvas.

You can find the code here.

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  1. I find that Other tends to refer to Voids. Is that the case here?

    1. Unfortunately not, because in that case I would be able to change their workset and there aren't 2700+ Voids in the model. Thanks for your suggestion.