mercoledì, luglio 02, 2014

Dynamo - Placing adaptive components along two lines

Here's an example of how to use Dynamo to place adaptive components between two lines.
As you can see the surface is quite complex to handle with a sloped glazing and it's way lighter this way rather than with standard curtain panels. I've used 4 points adaptive components that remain flat, lines I've already set up to implement the subdivisions and a couple of Dynamo custom nodes to manage different orientation of the lines.
What is shown in the video is the process I've been using to free Dynamo of the adaptive components.
First select two lines to be processed by the custom node. Once the components are placed there's a lot of copy/paste going on in the Dynamo environment since it retains the ID of the elements it creates.
Deleting the nodes in Dynamo will affect the project but an Undo will restore the adaptive components back on.

Here's a video that shows the structure of the custom node in case of lines with opposite direction: the spacing is set to be 2.5m, I've made a more generic custom node with a length input but it seems to be passed the wrong value and it needs to be fixed inside the custom node.
The family type used could be outside also, I've put it inside just to speed up the process.

What is missing here is a "try and catch" node to let Dynamo decide what custom node is needed depending on the orientation of the lines. Also it would be nice to have a feature that automatically clears the nodes after the definition runs.

Here you can find the definitions of two generic custom nodes.

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