giovedì, luglio 31, 2014

Family Management Utils - Linked Family Browser

I'm in New York on vacation these days, and the jet lag is still difficult to manage, so I woke up really really early this morning and I did a few experiments with the code I was working on.
I thought it would be nice to have a family browser for linked files, letting the user choose which family types copy into the control file etc...
With this kind of browser the user can visually see which family belongs to each one of the linked files, it would be great to have a search field to filter the tree (just have no idea how to do it right now, I'm still learning).
Next major step will be implement a tab interface for group of settings and objects such as System families, Other families (I've to find a way to separate annotations from model families as the tendenency is to get rid of annotations in linked files), Materials, Filled patterns, Keynotes, View Filters and View templates... of course I know that most of these features are already there with the transfer project standards but, what I'm trying to do, is to reverse the process: instead of doing the transfer for each one of the linked files, I would like to do the same thing from one control file to all the linked files, just once, extending control over non system families and their parameters.
In addition to that there's the visual control of the contents of the model (walls and floors detailed sections, material swatches, doors and windows assemblies, management of family names and type names accordingly to a user defined sequence of parameters/codes).
There's so much to do to make it work properly though.
So here's a my first attempt, what do you think? please let me know in the comments below.


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